• Spring Comp News: Young worker safety The spring issue of Comp News covers young worker safety, including communication and training tips. We also feature articles about how our brains mature, cell phone safety, and when injuries related to horseplay are compensable. Learn more

  • Safety topics Safe workplaces protect workers, save employers money, and strengthen the Oregon economy. That's why we give our customers free, comprehensive safety resources and training opportunities on more than 75 topics. | Learn more

  • The young and the reckless? They’re bright, energetic, and full of ideas. But what young workers don’t know can hurt them. Learn more

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This guide is where to go for news and announcements, our calendar of free trainings, and helpful information about the workers’ comp process, like how to report payroll. Don’t miss the Safety section, which is full of videos, guides, and other resources on over 70 workplace safety topics.

This guide is also where you can access Business Online, the secure site where you can check your policy profile, check a claim profile, pay your premium online, issue or renew your certificates of insurance, review and file payroll reports, and more.

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It's easy and quick. Filing your payroll report online saves time. Enter the policy number and report number from your most recent statement. Using Internet Explorer 11Learn more about compatibility issues

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