Other states coverage

If permitted by the other state’s law, coverage for Oregon employees working temporarily in other states is provided under your SAIF policy.

However, coverage for employees assigned for extended periods of time or permanently located in another state may require a separate policy (called other states coverage, or OSC).

For your coverage needs in these situations, we’ve formed partnerships with Zurich North America and United States Insurance Services (USIS) to provide an insurance solution in all U.S. states except those that do not permit private workers’ comp insurance (North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming).

Other states coverage conditions

You must meet at least one of these conditions to be considered for participation in the Other States Coverage Program:

  • Your payroll for your Oregon workers is at least 50 percent of your payroll for all workers. 
  • You are incorporated in the state of Oregon. 
  • You are headquartered in the state of Oregon.

We will only provide coverage in another state if we insure your Oregon operation.


  • Ease of purchasing workers’ comp for all eligible states through a single source
  • Consolidated billing for all workers’ comp policies
  • Coordination of safety services between SAIF and Zurich
  • No minimum premium threshold
  • Access to online claims information and automated loss run distribution
  • Access to a nationwide network of providers
  • Stopgap coverage available in monopolistic states 
  • Customized pricing

Managing claims in other states

A dedicated team of adjusters from Zurich American Insurance handles all the claims in the program from 16 workers’ comp claim centers. (In three states—Alaska, Hawaii, and Idaho—third-party administrators will manage the claims but will enter the claim information into Zurich’s system.)

Choosing a provider

Injured workers can choose their own medical provider. To help them, the Zurich C.a.r.e. directory is available online and can be searched by region, address, or provider.

Log in to Zurich C.a.r.e.

To find out more about how the directory works, go to the Help tab within the Zurich C.a.r.e. site.

To learn more about claims processing under the other states coverage plan, read our frequently asked questions.

Contact info

If you need other states coverage, please contact your agent or call SAIF at 800.285.8525.