5 to stay alive: at school

We all want our kids to be safe at school. Start with these five emergency essentials, then find fun ways to get kids involved in making a plan.

posted September 05, 2016

5 to stay alive at school

When an emergency happens, you may not be able to reach your child immediately. Check with their school or day care to find out what emergency plans are in place. Then consider adding these safety items to their backpack.

Emergency contacts and meeting place. Print out a communication plan, fill it in with your family, and give everyone a copy.

Whistle with lanyard to signal for help 

Water (16 oz) and energy bars (3) 

Lightstick. Look for one that lasts 12 hours.

Moist towelettes or hand sanitizer

What to do next:

Find fun ways to get kids involved in emergency planning.  

Take five minutes to be better prepared.

Print emergency essentials lists

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