5 to stay alive: in your car

Whether it’s winter weather or a flat tire, being prepared helps. Start with these five emergency essentials, then learn more about staying safe on the road.

posted September 05, 2016

5 to stay alive in your car

A full gas tank, well-maintained vehicle, and fully charged cell phone are your best defense against roadside emergencies. But keep an emergency kit in the trunk, just in case. Start with these basics.

Jumper cables or jump starter. For visibililty, also pack flares and/or a reflective triangle.

Flashlight and extra batteries

Emergency blanket or sleeping bag

First aid kit. Include any necessary medications.

Water (minimum 16 oz) and energy bars (3) 

What to do next:

Build your kit and learn more about car safety.

Take five minutes to be better prepared.

Print emergency essentials lists


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