Medicare and your medical bills

Details regarding SAIF’s obligation to report to Medicare

posted January 26, 2017

SAIF reports eligible workers' comp claims to Medicare under the requirements outlined in the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act passed by Congress. All insurers must comply with those Medicare reporting requirements and cannot alter the information sent to Medicare.

Why Medicare requires insurers to report

Medicare uses this reporting to ensure that they are covering only Medicare-eligible claims.

If you have questions regarding Medicare billing or decisions

Your physician is your best advocate to assist you if Medicare needs additional information to determine coverage or initiate benefit delivery.

If you disagree with a Medicare decision, you may need to file an appeal. The following resources may provide additional detail and guidance:

We know that navigating billing questions can be challenging; for additional assistance please visit the Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center or contact them by phone at 855.798.2627 (TTY/TDD: 855.797.2627 for the hearing and speech impaired).