First Fill pays for some medications right away.

First Fill pays for certain medications for injured workers right away.

posted January 28, 2011

Injured workers can get some medications paid for soon after their injury through First Fill, a SAIF pharmacy benefit.

First Fill, a voluntary benefit, makes it easier for workers to get some of the medications prescribed for their recovery and get the care they need. The benefit covers common medications for work-related injuries or illnesses while a claim is being processed.

First Fill can be used until a decision has been made on the claim. During this time, the worker’s pharmacy bills will be paid by SAIF—even if the claim is later denied.

SAIF provides this benefit to help injured workers get through those first difficult days after an injury and before the claim is accepted.

How this benefit works

First Fill prescriptions will be billed directly to the Oregon Prescription Drug Plan (OPDP).
This means there will be no “out-of-pocket” costs to the worker or employer for covered prescription medications related to the injury.

Since First Fill is for prescriptions needed before acceptance or denial of a claim, not all medications will be covered.

If a doctor prescribes medications not covered by this benefit, the worker will need to pay out-of-pocket for those medications. Later, if the claim is accepted, a form for reimbursement of those expenses may be submitted.

Filing a claim is required

First Fill will not be available if the worker has not filed a workers' compensation claim with SAIF. The worker’s employer should notify SAIF immediately when they learn of a work-related injury.

Learn more about First Fill

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